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New Jersey the DG connection June 17, 2012

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In 1979 Sal Zeuner left Thruster and picked up a ride from DG. He and his bike shop Pedaler’s East were able to get quite a few riders hooked up with support deals. I’m not sure if his younger sister Jenny was Full factory or Support her entire stay with DG. Also Mike Raines and Kevin Kozak I believe got their rides thru Pedaler’s East. If I can ever find a blank blue and white jersey like they used, I will get a Pedaler’s East jersey made. Another little ripper I had forgotten about till he sent me a email with some pictures was Joey Burke. But I remembered his name instantly as a one of the mega fast mini racers.

What I didn’t know till now is he is a cousin of the Zeuner’s. Joey still has a couple of his mini DG’s left and hiopefully when he gets them restored he will shoot me pictures of them to post. Maybe more shots of himself or some of the other South Jersey DG riders. I think this picture is from 1981. 1980 was the first year Vineland went ABA, so I dont see how he could’ve gotten 16 or the rider behind him a number in the 20’s. I dont see any letters to indicate they were racing NBL.

I dont have end of year points for 1981 but as of November Joey was firmly in #6 place with only Mikey Mayes any chance of passing him in points. So Joey probably finished 1981 N.Jer-3 #6.

(If anyone has the end of year points Im dying to see them. I was #15 in Penn-1 as of points ending November, but to this day, I don’t know where I finished the year. It’s the only year I don’t know my 20 inch number.)

Joey Burke shredding the Vineland, NJ BMX  track’s, first straightaway triples.


DG BMX Team December 6, 2010

Posted by Racer in DG Team Riders.

Factory Team Riders

Jeff Bottema (CA) 1976-?

David Clinton (CA) 1977

Kyle Fleming (AZ) 1979

Byron Friday (CA)

Steve Hayes (?)

Clint Miller (CA) 1979?

John Piant (MO) 1979-81

Gary Renteria (CA) 1976-77

Steve Skibel (CA) 1976

Stu Thomsen (CA) 1976

Doozer Trevino (AZ) 1979

Sal Zeuner (NJ) 1979-80?


Support Team Riders

(DG had a huge support team rider base. If you were a support team rider and want your name listed her just comment. If you have a picture from BITD and want it added email me at bulletproof2000@live.com )

Terral Artis

Joey Burke (New Jersey – 1979-80)

Jim Carlson

Carlos Cracchiolo

Chris Daniels

Neil Eisenberg

Scott Faith

Ross Freeman

John Harbet

Randy Heenan

Barry Ikeda

Vance Justice (GA, 1976)

Bill Knudsen

Kevin Kozak (NJ, 1979-80)

Giff Ludwigson

John Malone (NJ, 1978-79)

Marc Moorehead

Boo Boo Moreno (CA)

Mike Mosher

Paul Murray (IN)

J.R. Newman (PA, 1980-81?)

Shane Newman (PA, 1980-81?)

Mike Raines (NJ, 79-80)

Larry Reel

Armin Reyes  (BC, Canada 80-81. 1980 ABA BC #2)

Jeff Schenbel

Brett Schroer

Adam Simmons

Joey Wright

Jenny Zeuner (NJ, 1979-81?)