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History of DG

DG Racing was originally a motorcycle parts company only. It gets its initials from the founders, Dan and Gary. Garys son Kevin was both in MX and BMX so DG also got into BMX in 1975. In 1976 they hired Chuck Robinson (later of Robinson Racing) to run the team. He picked up some of the biggest names in BMX at the time including Jeff Bottema and Stu Thomsen. A year later he left to run the LRV team. Steve Skibel whos son Steve Skibel Jr. rode for DG, then took over as Team Manager.

DG moved around and was one of the fastest growing BMX companies. Eventually though they sold the company to the Green Duck Corporation. It appears that in 1981 DG Racing produced its last BMX bikes.

Company Locations

1976 – 77 Anaheim, CA (5552 E. La Palma Ave.)

1978 – 79 Anaheim, CA (1170 Van Horne Ave.)

Green Duck era started sometime in 1979

1979 – San Diego, CA (9530 Dowdy Dr.)

1981 – Ramona, CA (113 N. 11th St.)



1. Jim - December 12, 2010

this is great im glad somebody finally made a site for DG BMX. thank you

2. Andrew McComb - January 29, 2011

I work for a non for profit and we recently got one of these awesome bikes in near mint condition. I am trying to do some research to figure out what is a good asking or selling price on ebay or craigslist. VIntage BMX bikes are not my game I was hoping you could direct me to a site or if you had any knowledge yourself Thanks. Here are some images of the bike, its a 26″er. Thanks much!


Racer - January 29, 2011

They go for alot. Just put it up for your minimum and it will find its level naturally. Will go for over $1,000 probably. There is no Kelly Blue Book for BMX bikes though.

Reginald Norris - February 11, 2011

Would you consider trading me for a ’74 model Schwinn Paramount which is more up your game then mine. Your bike is from the same area I grew up in when I first moved to San Diego(1980)but your model was built in “81 or so in Ramona. Actually built I would not know for I was 12 at the time but that is where DG was located at the time. BMX was real big when I first arrived from East Coast as a Navy kid. I could never afford a BMX at the time and now that I am 41 a 20inch vintage model would not do me any good.

Aaron - June 27, 2011

If you still have that DG for sale, I’m interested. Let me know please…thanks, Aaron

3. Reginald Norris - February 11, 2011

Let me know and I can send pics to see if it is worth your time. My bike was purchased from original owner or so I was told. Original tires replaced by previous owner. Everything else is original as far as I know, but no expert. I did at one time use to buy original Schwinns as a hobby mostly Stingrays but no good if your a adult to ride them. Thanks

4. Kurt Kohler - November 15, 2011

1980 DG SS#28444 / 81008 FOR SALE. Recently restored with blue powder coat which was matched to the original blue. The bike comes along with blue repop pads (perfect match to the orignal). DG Factory race jersey, pants, gloves and helmet. e/m for pics: kkohler1@hotmail.com

5. Tyler pikul - December 31, 2011

I have a couple dg bmx bikes I have a 16″ dg bike chrome and a 20″ dg frame and fork. Was wondering how many 16″ dg bikes are out their?

6. Racer - December 31, 2011

Not sure but bet it isn’t too many.

7. jpbmxfool - March 24, 2012

DG Racer 1 (20″) 4130 Frame, American Bottom bracket, Introduced 1976…..versions had a cut out DG logo on the large front gusset…

8. anthony wimbish - August 27, 2012

For those in the in know or are old enough to rember dg and torker were and still are my favorite i couldnt afford one then but i had a sort of big brother who raced 24s and i rode all the best brands cause of him thank you robert rip history and legend not forgotten im 44 years old and im looking for them or the new reproductions

9. snap - September 29, 2012

We have designed a new web site bmx gallery museum in Australia


In this we are searching the globe for bmx advises ,catalogs ,vids ,photos etcetc.

Respecting the sites title in copywrites here …may we direct our galleries viewers here in DG lists …our site has no DG materials nor can show the bmx in its glory without your assitances …..

thank you ……..snap

Racer - September 29, 2012

You can not link directly to a picture. That is protected. However you can link to our website no problem. Good luck with the site. Ive been to Australia and think its an amazing place.

10. snap - October 2, 2012

then …your love DG shall be entered into our gallery

it shall read ….

DG bmx

click this site and enjoy ..


thank you ..

11. snap - October 2, 2012

the site viewers are now directed as follows to your site


DG Bmx 1975
simply click the link and go directly to DG


========================================================= etcetc……..

thank you ….

you made my day …:)

12. John Hornsby - June 16, 2013

Hi, I rode a DG mini racer from 77-79 winning the NPSA Grand Nationals in 78-79. Love that bike…..I still have. Wondering what those bikes are being sold for?

13. GABRIEL - January 29, 2014

I had a D G bike I bought piece by piece from Gappys in Bergenfield NJ in 1977. I really would like to get another one. If anyone knows someone who has one for sale I’d like to purchase one.

Racer - January 29, 2014

Very cool. I found (bought) a Thruster from 79 with a Gapis sticker still on it.
I started racing myself in NJ in 1978 down in Vineland. Did you race in 77 etc?
My actual home track would have been the NBL track in Lawrenceville. Since Marty didnt know any racers but me and Paul Smith he asked us to do a photoshoot with the Trenton Times and Trentonian to promote the track as they were building it.

what tracks did you race at? Got any pictures of you on the DG?

Gabriel - December 13, 2014

Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of the DG. It was Red Frame, Yellow forks, astrubula neck and crank, nylon gear with arias red anodized rims. I really would like to find one for sale and buy it. Gap’s was in Bergenfield NJ, small bike shop, I bought it piece by piece and assembled it myself. Im sorry I took so long to respond, I only got an email very early this morning. gabriel.iannacone@gmail.com

14. Gabriel Iannacone - January 29, 2014

I never raced competitively. We built our own trails and track along the railroad tracks in Teaneck NJ. I was a rarity, most had a Mongoose or Schwinn. I bought and self assembled the DG, red frame, yellow forks, spoke wheels (red alloy arias hubs) 3 piece crank, center pull brakes myself. I was heavily into the BMX magazine from California, and there was a older guy from around where I lived who had been in the magazine once. I did have a friend who had a RedLine and another who had a “Roger DeCoster”. My dad sold the bike in 1998 at a garage sale, I didn’t know. Its a issue between us, but I don’t think he knew or understood how much the bike meant to me. I really would like to re-purchase one and I am actively looking to replace mine.

15. matt - February 22, 2014

I have a 16 in dg ready to ride pretty tricked out.If anyone is interested please e-mail me. msingleton316@gmail.com

16. Mort - May 3, 2014

Anyone out there have an original DG open face helmet for sale? Would prefer the 1st or 2nd version. Thanks

17. George Behrman - July 4, 2014

I worked for Gapi in 1976-1978. I have a DG2 w forks among other vintage bikes

Gabriel - December 13, 2014

Im interested in buying a DG to replace the one I bought at Gapi’s in 1977. gabriel.iannacone@gmail.com

18. DG_ROB - September 8, 2014

long live DG FAN have four but always looking for more 78.dgracer,79 dg rooster.80 racer and a 81 16 inch banty

19. juan carlos perez - September 21, 2014

My DG is really a survivor,still like new, I am a pioneer of bmx in colombia .

20. Shaun - December 12, 2014

Hello, I have a 79 DG Green Duck 26″ 3 bar Cruiser. I am curious as to how many may still be around and also the original production numbers of them. Information on these is very scarce. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

AceBicycleShop - March 15, 2016

Do you still have this dg green duck ?
I just came across one myself and would love ANY information you could tell me on this bike

21. Blake - March 28, 2015

I’m trying to find out the year/model of my DG-we bought it new in Coral Springs, FL in late 1977. After checking this site, it seems that it’s a 1977 DG Racer 3 or DG Junior Racer (no “3” in the name, right?). I don’t understand some of the lingo on the site (I know what the gusset is, but don’t understand “straight D” as opposed to “curved D”), so I’m not sure. The serial number on the bottom of the crank case is DG 1077 65. I have pictures but it seems that I can’t attach them here-if there’s an email address I can send them to, please tell me. Might someone be able to tell me the year/model of my bike, or if not, get me into contact with someone who can?

Thank you,

Blake Engelhard

Racer - March 28, 2015

Im fairly certain the 10 is the month and the 77 year of build.
The DG bend is in the lettering ends.
email me pictures at bulletproof2000@live.com

22. Blake - March 30, 2015

Thank you very much Racer and Gabriel for helping me identify my bike as a 1977 DG Racer 3! If anyone is still putting serial numbers on the list, mine is DG 1077 65-please feel free to add it!

23. Scott casey - May 23, 2015

His have a chrome racer serial C377 445 can you help me out with any information on it please as I havnt seen one with the serial starting C before ?
Any info is greatly received !

24. scott casey - July 26, 2015

could anyone tell me what the C stands for at the start of my serial number please ?

Racer - December 4, 2015

Probably stands for Cruiser. Could be a 24inch or 26inch. Great bikes. I traded a 26 I found for a Profile 24 and a Thruster 20. I dont ride 26’s, never liked em lol. I do ride my profile though.

25. Jeff Bottema - December 3, 2015

Hi, This is Jeff Bottema if you have or had any DG Racer frame you had the best handling BMX Bike ever built, I swear my DG racer 1 would do things that i couldn’t believe was possible. It was the best bike I ever had. P.S. if happen to still have one and your wanting to sell it, You have the Ferrari of BMX Bikes mine sold for 5,000 $

Racer - December 4, 2015

I had a Super Pro. Was seeing a girl, she needed help, I needed her. Sold it on ebay, got $400 for it, a complete bike :/
I’m not bitter about how cheap it went, Nope not at all. If yours sold for 5k it may have been because it was yours and you are one of the most legendary racers of all time. I do have a Rampar R11XL though. Some guy named Bottema used to race for them also.

Ronnie Hernandez - August 5, 2017

I have a DG frame…. Don’t know anything about it… Can you help me out.

Steve Skibel - October 23, 2017

Jeff ?, . . It’s Steve Skibel , . . Would you mind if I send you our old school catalog from 1977 ? = )

26. Scott - December 4, 2015

Hi ! Thanks but it’s a 20″ frame I wondered if the C stood for chrome ? But just thought someone would know for sure

27. Frank Mozz - December 16, 2015

Raced in Vineland NJ IN 1977-1979 , Started with Peddler East which was a local dealer and my first bike was a standard DG with classic blue and yellow heavy as shit mags, a year later on Christmas I got a black and gold DG California Pro it was a limited edition bike ( I still have the pics & the forks) it was a black frame with gold rims. Amazing bike, amazing times that with with me always

Racer - December 16, 2015

Kool I will email you Frank. My first race, Vineland, NJ July 1978 NBA Summer Tour stop. Man every kid wanted the California Pro. You were one of the few who pulled it off, congrats? Pedaler’s East? Hrms. 24 Park Ave. run by the Zeuners? Nope never been there. Wait, that is where I got my first race bike 🙂 I then taught Sal, Terry and Jenny how to race. Well that’s my story.

Thomas Saunders - June 17, 2016

Hey guys. Frank how old were you back at Vineland in 79? Your last name sounds familiar. I too was one of the dozens of Pedaler’s East “sponsored” riders (Jersey/20% discount) and had “DG kid on my jersey. Rode a DG Super Pro in 78/79. Interesting DG story; a friend of mine wanted to upgrade to a new bike, and with my Pedalers East connection, ended up buying one of Sal Zuener’s used race bikes. Would be worth some bucks these days, but probably not quite as much as Jeff Botema’s….sorry Sal.

Racer - June 17, 2016

My first race bike was Sals. He had an MCS Z1 he didnt need after signing with Thruster. Got it for my birthday in 1978.
Not sure what it would be worth today, but I dont have it. If I did it wouldnt be for sale at any price lol.

Craig - February 6, 2018

Do you still have the forks?

28. Donnie Wyant - January 19, 2016

I got my DG in Deerfield Illinois in 1978-9? with crap parts so after i got 3 in a Grand National my Dad who was a doctor started to buy me better parts.
Eventually i tricked out my whole bike to look exactly like a California pro and blew people’s minds black/gold but it wasn’t,everyone who rode it said it was best handling DG they ever road.Anyway the day came i got my YZ 125 water cooled 2 cycle and ended up basically giving it away for $75 to a poor young kid who just got his NBL card,i saw his father’s car and dropped my price $100 because his father was not a doctor and i would do it again.The DG took me to the first World Championship promoted my Don King and yes i made the finals,i ended up with over 150 trophies.
Unfortunately there were not hot girls or fans just family of riders but it was the BEST! RIP Denny Owens my friend

Racer - January 21, 2016

Hey Donnie cool story. We all wanted that DG California Pro. When did you make your very first BMX race and where was it?
You did the correct thing by hooking that kid up. I used to not even take trophies, just to help the track out. I did keep my first couple and then big trophies at large events. The promoter was Renny Roker, who owned Jag. I was at the 1980 Worlds in Indy. Went out there with Pedaler’s East from NJ. It was a crazy blur. I cant even tell you who I roomed with lol. Great times.

29. Scott casey - March 13, 2016

I love as going to post up some pics of my 77 racer ! How do I do this ?

30. Shaun - March 17, 2016

I wish there was more information on these relics but there’s not. From what I understand DG shortly quit manufacturering bikes all together just as they were rolling out the cruiser lineup. Not many were made and yours is the 7th to be found.

31. Gabriel iannacone - June 17, 2016

I bought my DG at Gappys in Bergenfield Nj in 1977, I’d like to replace it, looking to get a replacement

32. Greg - September 18, 2016


Craig - February 6, 2018

I’m interested in your DG, do you still have it? If so email me factoryogpilot@gmail.com


33. Frank Durgle - December 7, 2016

I used to smoke cigars, mutuAL airtips, next to the plant, on the west side, when I was 14

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