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Serial Number Registry December 7, 2010

Posted by Racer in DG Serial Numbers.

This list was compiled over a couple years by CorvetteJim. With his permission I am reprinting it. Jim will also be providing more info and pictures for the site as well. Thanks Jim its dedicated collectors and enthusiasts like yourself, that help make this such a fun hobby. I will update this from time to time as he or myself adds new serial numbers. If your DG is not on the list please reply with a comment and all info about your bike you know. Model, Color, Year if you know it etc and of course the serial number.

DG serial # list as of March 30, 2015

***Note 1979 and after is in most cases an educated guess. I’m doing as much research as i can and it looks like about Sept 1981 might be the last of the DG.
It’s very difficult to tell were the 79 and 80 break in serial #`s because of so many people installing the wrong head tube sticker because its so hard to find the black/prism sticker.
77,78,and up to Oct 79 have the black/prism head tube sticker. and after Oct 79 and thru 1980 and into the beginning of 1981 has the blue/gold sticker. Late 1981 has the black and gold right side up and up side down logo sticker.


(early frames had cut out logo in gusset head tube sticker yellow with blue logo)
DG 1 …20in chrome was Jeff Bottoma`s
676T026=June… 26th of lot 20in blue Steve Skibel replica (no Gusset)
DG 116 67=Nov… 67th of lot 20in DG Racer 1
J1176 134=Nov… 134th of lot 20in red
J1176 226=Nov… 226th of lot 20in chrome Super Pro
J1176 398=Nov… 398th of lot 20in black
J1176 411=Nov… 411th of lot 20in DG-2
J1176 555= Nov… 555th of lot 20in DG-2 made
DG 126 118=Dec… 118th of lot 20in yellow DG Racer 1
0018=unk… 20in yellow Steve skibel replica DG Mini Jr. Ser# on right rear dropout
0044=unk… 20in DG Mini Jr. Ser# on rear dropout
00111=unk…ser #inside of left rear dropout


(straight D in gusset… head tube sticker black with gold prism logo)
DG 277 277=Feb…277th of lot 20″ yellow DG1 (ebay)
C 377 445 = Mar…445th of lot, chrome (UK)
DG 377 472 = Mar… 472nd of lot 20″ chrome Skibel
DG 377 881= Mar… 881st of lot ylw DG1 J. Bottema autograph
C  477 574=Apr…574th of lot 20″ chrome DG2
DG 477 584=Apr…584th of lot 20″ yellow (ebay)
DG 577 716 = May… 716th of lot 20″ blue Super Pro
DG 677 A210=June…210th of lot 20″ yellow
DG 677 816= June… 816th of lot 20″
DG 677 861= June… 861st of lot 20″ ylw Steve Skibel Replica
DG 777 A684= July… 684th of lot 20″ blue
DG 877 368= Aug… 368th of lot 20″ chrome
DG 877 A699=Aug…699th of lot 20″ DG2 yellow
DG 877 4625=Aug… 4625th of lot 20″ bl J. Bottema`s Super Pro
DG 977 823=Sept… 823rd of lot 20″ chrome junior
DG 10 77 65=Oct…65th of lot 20″ DG3
DG 10 77 81=Oct… 81st of lot 20″ chrome DG1
DG 11 77 13=Nov…13th of lot 20″ chrome
DG 11 77 14=Nov… 14th of lot 20″
DG 11 77 52=Nov… 52nd of lot 20″


(changed to curved D in gusset till end of production… head tube sticker black with gold prism logo)
1-8-88= Jan…88th of lot 20in DG Racer 2
1 9 123= Jan…123 of lot 20in DG Racer 2 (Red)
4-8-19= April…19th of lot 20in Super Pro
4 8 20= April…20th of lot 20in Super Pro
5 8 31= May…31st of lot
5 8 43= May…43rd of lot 20in Super Pro (Chrome)
5 8 131= May…131st of lot 20in (Yellow)
7 8 56= Jul…56th of lot 20in (Red)
8 8 4= Aug…th of lot 20in (Blue)
8 8 51= Aug…51st of lot 20in (Yellow)
8 8 55= Aug…55th of lot 20in (Red)
8 78 2213= Aug…2213th of lot 20in
9 8 348= Sept…348th of lot (Blue)
9 8 396= Sept…396th of lot
10 8 7= Oct…7th of lot 20in Super pro
10 8 35= Oct…35th of lot 20in Super Pro
12 8 82= Dec…82nd of lot 20in (Blue)

# 1 9 123.


(early head tube sticker like 77 and 78… after Oct. chrome with blue/gold logo)
033=20in (Yellow)
36=20in black/gold Cal Pro
01100=20in (Blue)
02081=20in (Blue)
02160=20in (Chrome)
02300=20in (Ebay)

02350=20in DG Rooster in Red (owner unknown, original owner Andy Jenkins)

02540=20in blue
02819=20in blue (Ebay) DG Rooster
M01011129= 79 or 80 20in (owner not sure) DG Rooster


(chrome with blue/gold logo)
02825=20in blue
02867=20in blue
03105=20in blue
03153=20in chrome
03553=20in blue
03569=20in chrome DG2 (Ebay)
03827=20in white
03881=20in blue bought new May 1980
04130=20in blue (Ebay)
04612=20in chrome
4632=20in ZF-1 yellow
04765=26in looptail black Bought the bike from Chris Emma who road for DG
04784=26in yellow Vulcan (Ebay)
04811=20in blue (Ebay)
05186=20in chrome DG Racer #2
05779=26in Vulcan yellow
05819=20in white
05837=20in chrome


(early head tube sticker like 80… mid 81 till end of production gold with black upside down right side up logo)
top #81008 bottom #00003=26in Cruiser Looptail
009 (9 of 100) DG 16in pitt bike
top #00010 bottom #81008=24in Cruiser Looptail chrome
00026=26in Looptail black (eBay)
top #00033 bottom #81008=26in Cruiser Looptail
top #00060 bottom #81008=24in Cruiser Looptail chrome
16063=20in chrome (eBay)
16817=16in pitt bike chrome (eBay)
17202=20in chrome
27981=20in ZF1 chrome…has receipt to prove date of purchase on 8-08-81
28075=20in ZF1 chrome
top #81008 bottom #28444=20in blue (eBay)
top #81008 bottom #28513=20in red (eBay)
top #81008 bottom #28522=20in chrome
top #81008 bottom #28583=20in chrome
28655=20in black
top #81009 bottom #28873=20in white
top #81009 bottom #28926=20in chrome
top #81009 bottom #39182=16in chrome top tube is 15in (eBay)
top #39703 bottom #81009=20in black (eBay)

000777=20in 1979 or newer (It was on EBay)
S= on right dropout DG 26in looptail
004003=20in 1979 or newer (it was on Ebay)
11c1= could be a 1977
# 05562 DG Pit Bike


1. andreas stevens - June 19, 2011

i have DG rooster all original in red frame and fork, was andy jenkins original race bike he purchased in colorado in 1979 serial #02350

Racer - April 14, 2014

Feel free to meail me pictures I will post them.

2. Greg Brownstead - April 14, 2014

Hello, My 79 dg frame has a 122 serial # on it. Can you tell me if this is the correct year? Thanks, Greg

Racer - April 14, 2014

That does seem to match the serial number thread. It would be a early first or second batch of 1979.

3. dggreg1970 - April 25, 2014

Hello, My second dg frame that i just bought has a serial #02155 stamped on the bottom bracket. Can anyone tell me if i have a mini or 20” frame? Thanks, Greg

4. Racer - April 27, 2014

I dont think or know if you can tell for sure by serial number.
I dont have frame spec measurements. Maybe someone will submit them.

5. Scott casey - June 29, 2015

Hi I have a chrome racer serial number C 377 445 I live in the UK ! Have you any information on this frame please ?

dggreg1970 - July 15, 2015

Hello your frame was made in March 1977 and it was chrome from UK. it also has the straight D in the gusset and head to sticker is black with gold prism logo. Greg

Scott casey - July 16, 2015

Hi thanks for your help on this ! Is it possible to post pics up ? If so I’ll send a pick when it’s built !

dggreg1970 - July 16, 2015

that’s cool, I would like to see a picture of your DG after it is built. Scott send pics to my email at gsb1970@cox.net greg

6. Uric37 - April 19, 2016

Hi, I have a DG serial # you might want to add to the registry. It is serial # 1 9 123. I am fairly certain it is an early (Jan) 1979 Racer 2. Pics of original condition show it as red with black / gold stickers, which would be either 1978 or 1979 and the very light weight with American bottom bracket identifies it as a cromo racer 2. I will be happy to provide pics after I finish building it out.

Racer - April 20, 2016

Ok that would be awesome. Have fun with the project. Red isnt the most common color for DGs so should be very interesting build.

7. Ron - May 1, 2017

I raced a 20″DG in the 80’s and still have it.Hopefully you can help identify the year,model.etc.It is chrome with euro bottom.yellow sticker on front-don’t think it’s original though,original owner had a center pull brake-I replaced that. Serial# 9 8 18.This bike is important to me and wondered its value.Any help is appreciated.Thank YOU,your info on this site is GREAT!

Racer - May 2, 2017

Believe that is a September 1978 made frame. Value can be all over the place depending on parts etc. Where did you race it at?

8. Ron - May 8, 2017

I raced in the Evansville IN area(burdette, fun city,Henderson KY, Vincennes IN,just local stuff.Bought it from a Newburgh IN racer(Ididnt get his nameand think he had some team support.Bike has 170mm sugino cranks w/bullseye euro bottom brkt.MCS clamp.Redline V-bar.KKT pedals.Shimano hubs Araya rims,Dia-compe brake and has a black/gold prism DG sticker on the seatpost.Obviously not a mini,what model is this?Top tube is about 16.5 “from front of seatpost to back of headtube.Thanks

9. Jeff - August 8, 2017

Serial number 04872. The guy who bought it new, who I got it from, said it was a ZF-1.Is this correct? Top tube is about 19 3/8 center to center of the seatpost and head tubes.

10. Jared - August 30, 2017

I’ve a black with gold logo 04257 serial. I can’t remember the year I got it, but I still have it. I used to race in Wilkes-Barre PA area in the 80s.

If anyone knows the year or other details that’d be awesome!

Racer - September 4, 2017

Wow cool you have it after all these years. I myself grew up in Bucks County, PA but did 90% of my racing in central and south jersey. I only race u in your neck of the woods from like 89-91 at Clark Summit, usually on Saturday nights.
If you got pictures of your old bike as it looks today or any old race pictures email them for me to post, bulletproof2000@live.com .

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