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1978 DG releases first complete bike December 7, 2010

Posted by Racer in 1978.

DG releases its first complete bike. They missed the mark with this one though. MX 60 wheels were heavy and not racing wheels.  Perhaps they fealt the Super Pro kits were for hardcore racers and they wanted a entry level Thrasher. But this probably hurt DG’s image some.  Can you imagine you first races on a tank like this? Especially for the smaller racers.


1. Monster-Robot - August 30, 2011

The MX-60 mags are much lighter than Motomags. Many people raced the MX-60s…although probably not many as late as ’78.

Racer - August 31, 2011

Istarted in 78 and by then even Motomags or alloy mag was too heavy for BMX as less downhills and rutted tracks existed. It was Tuff Wheels or alloys but for sure alloys owned by 1978 and Tuffs were pretty much for beginners or later for skatepark use. The graphites which I raced in 81 were cool but still not as good as alloys. But I LOVE alot of mag wheels, much character.

2. GABRIEL - September 18, 2014

I hope someone contacts me I had a D G I bought in 1977 at Gappys in Bergenfield NJ. I really would like to get another one. My dad sold it in 1998 by mistake

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