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DG Bike Model Lineup December 6, 2010

Posted by Racer in DG Bike Models.

Race Models

DG Monoshock (20″) Introduced 1975

DG Steve Skibel Replica (20″) Introduced 1976

DG Racer 1 (20″) 4130 Frame, Euro Bottom bracket, Introduced 1976

DG Racer 2 (20″) 4130 Frame, American Bottom bracket, Introduced 1976

DG Racer 3 (20″) Mild Steel frame, American Bottom bracket, Introduced 1976

DG Jr. Racer (20″) Same as a DG 3 but smaller, Introduced 1977

DG Super Pro (20″) 4130 frame with integrated seat clamp, Euro Bottom bracket, Introduced 1978

DG Super Pro Jr. (20″) Same frame as the Super Pro but smaller, Introduced 1978

DG Rooster (20″)  used a DG3 Mild Steel frame with 4130 forks, Introduced 1979

DG California Pro (20″) Is a Black Super Pro with a plaque, Introduced 1979

DG ZF-1 (20″) Introduced 1980

DG Cruiser (24″) Introduced 1980

DG Cruiser (26″) Introduced 1980

DG Vulcan (26″) Introduced 1980

DG Pit Bike (16″) Introduced 1980-81?


Beach Cruisers

The Phaeton (Chromed Bronze, brown seat) Introduced 1979

The Green Duck (Chromed Green, black seat) Introduced 1979

The Red Rider (Chromed Red, black seat) Introduced 1979


1. Dee - December 12, 2012

Hello, I have a DG frame from 30 years ago. the crank case is smaller than the head set, had to get a ten speed shop to find the cup and bearings for it. this bike is all bare metal ( no paint on it at all )Incredibly light, maybe 3.5 lbs. to 4 lbs.if that. It has a serial # stamped on the bottom of the crank case. Starting with D G . Any info on what I have would be great, traded a mongoose for it back in the day!

Racer - December 12, 2012

Could be a Super Pro if the seat clamp is welded to the frame. If not maybe a Skibel or Jr. Racer. Email me a picture or two to bulletproof2000@live.com

Dee - January 25, 2013

Hey racer, me Dee again, will send you some pics soon, I read on one of these sights that some guy bought a frame and forks for $3,000 and then spent another $1,000 on decals and components around the country. That true and or possible? My frame from head to tail is at a hair under 33″ , the top of the seat post to the bottom of the crank case cylinder is just under 11″, no seat clamp on this frame , traditional slit in top back side of seat post for the era of BMX bikes.What’s your take on this?

2. Dee - January 26, 2013

I think I have this bike? Frame only! serial # is DG 677 908 .Is mine a 76 or 77, has a crank case small like a ten speed .what’s it worth? know anybody looking for one, color is bare metal

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